What Grant Writers and Nonprofits Need To Become Grant-Ready

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What does getting ‘grant-ready’ mean?  Are you ready to write a grant or is the application going to send your entire organization into a real tizzy looking for all these documents.


To be grant-ready you need to gather your essential documents into a hard copy folder, on a hard drive, in the cloud and backed up to a thumb drive folder.  Access will need to be provided to the executive director, director of development and the grant writer. Back-up your essential document folder each time an update is made to any one of the documents.

What are your essential documents?  All items that you may need to access in the process of writing a grant and/or include in the appendices of a grant application.

  • Letter of determination from the IRS declaring tax-exempt status as a charitable organization
  • Articles of incorporation
  • Bylaws
  • 990 tax forms
  • List of directors and officers
  • Key administrative staff
  • Two-page resumes for officers and key personnel
  • Latest operating budget by fiscal year
  • Latest financials and/or audited financial statements
  • All annual reports
  • Mission and vision statements
  • History of the organization
  • Form of governance
  • Organizational charts,
  • Description of facilities
  • Proof of ownership or lease for facility
  • Description of programs
  • DUNS number
  • SAM registration information
  • All previously written grant applications
  • All articles written about the organization
  • All press releases promoting the organization
  • All organizational logos and promotional materials

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About the Author: Staff Writer at Grant Writing Institute