Grant Writing: Defining Mission and Vision Statements in Application Process

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Most organizations have a mission and vision. Both should articulate the long-term direction that guides an organization’s daily operations. These statements are also required in most grant applications on and each has a separate function in the process.

A mission is a clear, concise and useful statement that defines the purpose of an organization. It conveys what the organization will do, who will do it and the target audience that will be served. A mission should be an overarching snapshot and stated in no more than a 20-word paragraph. The shorter the better.

Example of a Mission Statement:

American Heart Association: To build healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

A vision would state the end results of an organization’s efforts if success could be guaranteed. Most vision statements need not be grand. Effective visions should inspire and aspire and serve as a framework for future planning. The statement, too, should be short in length and very broad in scope.

Example of a Vision Statement:

Alzheimer’s Association: A world without Alzheimer’s disease.

In summary: mission and vision statements are more than just statements on grant applications. When crafted effectively, they are easy-to-recognize tools for recruiting interest in an organization and helpful to focus members on a common purpose.

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